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Contracts list

Here is the contracts list on Euphoria Testnet.

Contracts List Contracts List


Only verified contracts have green check mark icons, version and time verified. Unverified contracts do not have green check mark icons. Contract's owners have to verify and publish contract source code and register type contract (CW20 or CW721) for your smart contract.

AddressSmart contract address, choose one address to see contract's details information. Only verified contracts have green checkmark icon
Contract NameThe name of this smart contract
Code IDA Code ID has many smart contracts, but a contract has only one Code ID. Contract's creator registers type contract for Code ID that means register type contract for all contracts of this Code ID
Type ContractStandard type of contract, e.g CW20, CW721. Only Code IDs that have been registered type contract correctly show type contract data
VersionCompiler version of contract's source code. Only verified contracts show compiler version
VerifiedTime contract was verified source code. Only verified contracts show time verified
CreatorContract's creator, choose one creator to see account details information