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Horoscope - indexers of the interchain

Horoscope is an indexing service for Cosmos-based blockchain. It crawl data from the blockchain and index it into mongoDB. Based on the data, it can provide search functionality instead of querying data from LCD or RPC directly.

Currently, it supports network builded by Cosmos SDK v0.45.1 or later. Supporting network:

  • Aura Network
  • Osmosis
  • Cosmos Hub
  • Evmos

Why Horoscope is necessary for Aura and the Cosmos ecosystem in general:

  • Modular architecture that is compatible with every Cosmos-based chain.
  • Horizontal Scaling.
  • Blazing fast & efficient
  • Index everything (wallet, block, transaction, NFT, Tokens, etc.)
  • Restful / GraphQL APIs
  • Fully Open source under MIT license

Horoscope development is funded by Aura Network foundation, it is currently deployed at: