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Validating on Aura Network

This section is dedicated for validators who want to validate on Aura Network.

1. What is Aura Network

Aura Network is an ecosystem built to accelerate global NFTs adoption for mainstream users. Our vision is to create a one-stop destination for building NFT projects that has real utility and gradually help transforming existing web2 businesses to web3.

  • Aura Network Foundation works directly with brands & IP owners to bring their web2 portfolios to web3.
  • Pushing forward NFT adoption on real life use cases.
  • Providing web3 developers open-source, scalable tools to accelerate software development.
  • Aura Network is built using Cosmos SDK, the world's most used framework for building blockchains.
  • Aura Network choose CosmWasm as the smart contract engine.

2. What makes it different than ATOM, Juno, Stargaze and Luna

Aura is a permissioned smart contract chain. Contract deploying on Aura must go through an off-chain progress of registering social accounts, description, submitting a security audit report and pre-testing on Euphoria canary testnet first. This process is similar to uploading an application to Apple Store or Google Play.

All smart contract deploying Aura mainnet MUST be open-source. Please refering to the verify Code ID step on Aurascan for more details.

Aura focuses on NFT utilities by directly supporting games, artists and brands who want to bring web3 experiences to their customers. The Aura core team has a long history of delivering enterprise software so they are familliar with business development process, customer onboarding and software integration with local services.

Aura currently focuses on Asian markets such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc. to support developing web3 infrastructure for businesses in these regions.

The Aura Network ecosystem has an unified, complete stack of presenting and interacting with data on the blockchain for users. We run our own Indexer, Block explorer, multisig tool and is an official partner with Coin98 Wallet who has more than 5 millions users to bring new experience of NFT to mainstream users.

3. Why should you validate for Aura

Aura Network token is already launched. It is listed on both DEXs and CEXs with high liquidity and trading volume. So no worry about flopping token launch, scam or rug pull.

The project is properly funded by reputable crypto VCs as well as traditional investment funds. Details about funding are fully transparent.

The Aura Network foundation takes the validator community seriously. Some of our past validator programs are:

  • Incentivized Testnet Program for a handpick list of 52 validators (already paid)
  • Master of Nodes for Account Bound Token award and foundation delegation slots.
  • Aura is creating a foundation delegation program and we keep optimizing it every quarter. The whole process is fully transparent !

We want to make sure Aura Network is a friendly, profitable environment for good validators who are involved and grow the Aura community with us. However, Aura aims to be a network of professional, friendly and legitimate businesses, we will not tolerate any attempt to sabotage this purpose.

4. Governing on Aura Network

Please refer to the Governing section for more details.

5. Can I receive foundation delegation ?

We have compiled a comprehensive plan on our Foundation Delegation Program. Please read it very carefully!

In short, we will have to keep the foundation delegated slot small in the beginning (maximum 25 slots) and will reevaluate every validator after the first 3 months. There are a lot of good validators with similar technical capability of running nodes, relayers, monitoring, writing automation toolings, etc. Thus, through delegation incentivization, we want to encourage only validators who dedicate their time for Aura Network by contributing extra value to the project !

All information about selection criteria and decision will be transparent. However, the final decision belongs to the Aura Network Foundation.

6. I am in, what now ?

Stay in contact with us on the channels below. Also check out our home page and other guides for validators in this document.

Join us‚Äč

If you have any questions related to Aura or simply would like to chat with us, come join us in the Aura Discord server or any of our official channels. We love dev chatter!