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Hello there! Welcome to our documentation. Here you will learn everything about developing decentralized applications (dApp) in AURA. If you are new to smart contracts, do not worry. We will get you up to speed and you will be developing your own dApp in no time.


AURA network is a smart contract chain that uses proof-of-stake (PoS) to achieve distributed consensus among validators and confirm all transactions executed within. Like most blockchains, AURA is completely transparent. Additionally, aura is a permissioned smart contract blockchain which ensures no malicious contracts can be deployed on mainnet where real value is at stake.

AURA uses smart contracts to create decentralized applications. Deploying a one requires paying a gas fee in AURA for the compiled code to be stored in the blockchain forever as well as for instantiation. Once instantiated, the contract is immutable, so make sure your code is safe!

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are simple programs that runs on the AURA Network. As any modern application, smart contracts store data and expose methods to interact with them.

They are written in human-readable languages, compiled and finally deployed to an account where everyone can interact with them and view all previously executed transactions.

Anyone can write their own code and deploy onto AURA testnets freely or submit a request for mainnet deployment. They have many applications such as creating digital assets, marketplaces, games, etc.

First steps

Get started by setting up your wallet or if you already have your wallet setup, skip ahead to setting up your development environment. Otherwise, check out these topics and happy hacking!

Preparing Wallet

Learn to create and setup your AURA wallet with C98 Wallet or Kepler Wallet

Environment Setup

Install the required dependencies on your system to setup your development environment

Intro to Contracts

Get an overview on a smart contract is in AURA Network

Contract Example

Develop your first smart contract in minutes


Learn to store your contract bytecode in the blockchain and initialize it.

From Solidity to CosmWasm

Understand the differences and jump-start your CosmWasm knowledge.

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  1. Getting Started

  2. Smart Contracts

  3. Tutorials

    3.1 Fungible Tokens

    3.2 Non-Fungible Tokens

  4. Multisig Management

  5. Concepts

Join us

If you have any questions related to Aura or simply would like to chat with us, come join us in the Aura Discord server or any of our official channels. We love dev chatter!