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In this section we will cover some useful tutorials for jump-starting your development in Aura.

Simple Template

Build and deploy the simplest of templates to begin playing around in Aura.


Bootstrap a quick dApp in Aura Serenity Testnet with a quick template for a Counter smart contract and frontend.

From Solidity to CosmWasm

Learn how the wasm smart contracts differentiate from solidity contracts and how you can easily port any smart contract you already have to wasm.

Fungible tokens - the common asset

Fungible tokens can be used for almost anything, from a currency, share, votes, wrappers, etc. This is the most common and widely-used token standard in the crypto industry. They exist in many blockchains with many different variations of source code, but nevertheless, the same concept and mostly the same mechanism.

CW20 is the fungible token standard we use in AURA. It has the same behavior you would expect from any fungible token.

Non-fungible tokens - the unique asset

Non-fungible tokens gained incredible traction very quick due to its ability to be a part of a set but at the same time, being unique and non interchangeable. One might have two CW721 tokens from the same origins but one might be much more valuable than the other.



Learn how to build a Wasm dApp.

Solidity to CosmWasm

Jump-start your Wasm knowledge if you come from a Solidity background.

Intro to CW20

Learn more about the fungible CW20 token standard in AURA

Intro to CW721

Learn more about the non-fungible CW721 token standard in AURA