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Contract details

Choose one contract in Contracts list to view contract's details information.

Contracts Details

Contract Overview and More Info

Contract Overview and More Info section show basic information of the contract: Aura balance, Aura value, contract creator and transaction hash that contract was instantiated. If this smart contract is token, token tracker field will show token name linked to smart contract. Choose the token name to view token's details information.


Below Contract Overview and More Info section is Activity section, include tab Transactions and tab Contract.



Tab Transactions show 20 lastest transactions of this contract. Choose View all to see total transactions.

Txn HashTransaction hash that executes contract, choose txn hash to see transaction details
MethodMethod to execute contract, is one of the functions in the contract
BlockBlock height that transaction hash is stored in, choose block height to see block details
TimeTime that transaction is on-chain
FromAddress sent execute contract transaction, choose address to see account details
ToContract address was executed in this transaction
ValueAura value was transfered in this transaction
Txn FeeFee of this transaction



There are 3 tabs in Contract section, they are:

  • Code: show all information of contract source code, e.g Contract Name, Compiler Version, Link and file contract source code, all contract schema files and Contract creation code.
  • Read Contract: show all read functions of this contract.

Read Contract

  • Write Contract: show all write functions of this contract.

Only verified contracts have Contract source code details. Unverified contracts only show Contract creation code. Contract creator chooses Verify and Publish to verify contract source code of this smart contract.

Unverified Contract