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Connect your wallet

Before performing any interactions like staking or voting on proposals with Aurascan, you will have to connect your personal wallet to the interface.

On Desktop browser

All users must have a personal wallet connected. For now, Aurascan supports Coin98 and Keplr wallet. Please click the Connect wallet button on the top left corner of screen (beside the menu header bar)


You can choose Coin98 or Keplr wallet provider to connect with Aurascan. If you don't have a wallet yet, you can select a provider and create a new one.


You can learn how to install and create a new wallet Coin98 wallet here.

Connecting your wallet

If you're using Coin98 wallet, proceed with the wallet connection on the Coin98 wallet browser extension itself. There might be a confirmation prompt from the Coin98 wallet if you have not added the network to your wallet in advance.


On Mobile device

Users who use Aurascan on mobile devices can access all of the available features on your mobile device browser or in the Coin98 Super App in-app browser.

Connecting your mobile wallet

The method for connecting your wallet to Aurascan on your mobile device using your browser is very similar to the desktop tutorial shown above.

First of all, download Coin98 Super App or Keplr Wallet* on your device, then create a new wallet.


*The Keplr mobile wallet is not yet supported, please use Coin98 Super App instead. Development is in progress and will be available soon.

After you have properly installed and initialized your wallet, open Aurascan on your mobile browser and tap on Connect at the top right of the screen. There might be a confirmation prompt from your mobile wallet if you have not added the network to your wallet in advance.