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What is Account Bound Token (ABT)?


Think of soulbound items in game, once picked up, cannot be transferred or sold to another player, this kind of item typically require completing a quest or meet a demand of conditions. So, what if NFTs could be a soul bound token?

Since Account Bound Token (ABT) is non-transferable and un-revocable, it can be un-equipped and equipped by the receivers.

Where can I view my Account Bound Token(s)?

The ABT's metadata will be prepared by the creator who is nominated when deploy the kind of smart contract specifically for minting the Account Bound Token. Once the receiver 'Equip' the ABT that was nominated for him by the creator, you can view this ABT on Aurascan and any third-party wallet that supports for Aura blockchain network.

Is there any way to keep my ABT off-chain?

You can "Un-equip" the ABT you own to keep it off-chain, then the others will no longer can view the un-equipped ABT in Aurascan or third-party wallet that supports for Aura blockchain network. Only you can access to it in your 'Account Bound Token" page in Aurascan. If you want to make the ABT that you 'Un-equipped" before be on-chain again, just "Equip" it.

Please take note that it will take the receiver/ABT owner a small amount of fee (AURA) for each time the ABT be 'Equipped'.