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Creator of Account Bound Token

Creator is the one who recognizes to the credentials of others and want to give them the digital identity tokens that represent the characteristics or achievements of the receivers.

Deploy smart contract to process with Account Bound Token

All the smart contracts used to process with Account Bound Token in Aurascan must be instantiated from a specific Code ID that is provided by Aura Network and follow the standard CW-4973. Please take note that if you want to interact with smart contract as role creator, your account address need to be nominated with corresponding role when deploying this smart contract.

Prepare Account Bound Token's metadata

Account Bound Token in Aura Network must follow the Metadata Standards.

Nominate Account Bound Token to receiver

Step 1: Open Account Bound Token page for creator in Aurasan

ABT smart contract list

Step 2: Select the smart contract you want to interact with to nominate the ABT to the receiver. Then click 'Create new' button to input the information. You can click 'Create new' button from ABT smart contract list or from ABT smart contract detail page.

Create ABT from smart contract list

Create ABT from smart contract details

Step 3: Input information in the 'Create New' pop up and then click "Create"

Popup ABT Create data

Step 4: Sign the message

Sign message