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Exchange Integration

This section is dedicated for exchanges (CEX and DEX) to integrate with Aura Network.

Native $AURA currency

Aura mainnet is developed using Cosmos SDK with EVM module

The coin:

  • Coin name is Aura and the symbol/ticker for is AURA.
  • Aura supports both Cosmos and EVM transactions
  • Aura Network runs on Tendermint consensus, the block is finalized instantly.
  • Currently, the expected block time is around 5 - 6 seconds.

There are currently 4 ways to integrate with Aura Network:

  1. Use Aura Daemon command-line interface (aurad CLI)
  2. Directly invoke an Aura Node client endpoints using HTTP requests
  3. Use Javascript library cosmosjs or etherjs
  4. Use the centralized Horoscope Indexer API


There are various denominations widely used in Aura Network.

  • AURA or aura : indicates the AURA native currency on mainnet.
  • uAURA or uaura : indicates the base unit of native currency on mainnet. 1 aura = 10^6 uaura.
  • aAURA or aaura : indicates EVM unit, which is ONLY USE by EVM transactions on mainnet. 1 aura = 10^18 aaura.

To avoid confusion with testnet currency, we have different denominations for the Euphoria testnet.

  • EAURA or eaura : indicates the AURA native currency on Euphoria testnet.
  • uEAURA or ueaura : indicates the smallest unit of native currency on Euphoria testnet. 1 eaura = 10^6 ueaura.
  • aEAURA or aeaura : indicates EVM unit, which is ONLY USE by EVM transactions on Euphoria testnet. 1 eaura = 10^18 aeaura.

Block explorer

Block explorer is below. We have a full guide available here: Product/Aurascan.

Official repositories

Our GitHub repository can be found here:

Node Reference

We have a full guide to run your own node here: Running a full node in case you wish to run your own node (recommended), but if your integration does not require much, you could use any of the publicly available APIs for your queries.

All the publicly available nodes are listed here. Please note that these include nodes maintained directly by Aura Network as well as third parties.

If you only need to interact with the aurad CLI, just compiling it from the source is enough. We have a guide for setting up the CLI here.

Our public API interfaces are:

Integration Reference

Staking and Delegation

BEP-20 Token (deprecated)


AURA BEP20 token on BNB Chain has been officially deprecated and we're currently working with exchanges to fully migrate into native $AURA on mainnet.

Contract Address for the BEP20 token: 0x23c5D1164662758b3799103Effe19cC064d897D6

Tracking at:

Join us

If you have any questions related to Aura or simply would like to chat with us, come join us in the Aura Discord server or any of our official channels. We love dev chatter!