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Create multisig transaction

To send a transaction using the multisig wallet, first, you must create a transaction with the flag --generate-only. This will build an unsigned transaction encoded and write it to the file. You can create a transaction that has a different message type as examples below:


Send 1 AURA from our multisig account to aura1hctj3tpmucmuv02umf9252enjedkce7mml69k8

aurad tx bank send \
aura1tk736vetmgplrefcak0l62gak8h28m9ccqynxj \
aura1hctj3tpmucmuv02umf9252enjedkce7mml69k8 \
1000000uaura \
--gas=200000 \
--fees 100000uaura \
--chain-id aura_6322-2 \
--generate-only > unsignedTx.json


Stake 0.1 AURA from our multisig account to validator auravaloper1smzdxkqcqwgf9z37gec54mthl9rfaaym80wcjn .

aurad tx staking delegate \
auravaloper1smzdxkqcqwgf9z37gec54mthl9rfaaym80wcjn \
100000uaura \
--from aura1tk736vetmgplrefcak0l62gak8h28m9ccqynxj \
--gas 250000 \
--fees=100000uaura \
--chain-id aura_6322-2 \
--generate-only > unsignedTx.json





Store contract code


Execute contract