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This is the starting point where you will learn about the Aura ecosystem. You can find advanced topics and sections for developers, validators, exchanges, and others through the navigation bar.

About Aura Network

Learn the basics about Aura Network, such as its features and tokenomics.

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Getting started

Go through most basic steps to interact with Aura Network.

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Validator Handbook

Validators are responsible for committing new blocks in the blockchain.

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Browse our Docs by Category

Developer Materials

Here you will find documentation on how to develop decentralized apps using AURA. Don’t worry if you are new to smart contract technology, we will get you up to speed in no time.

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View Tutorials

Explore our collection of Examples and Tutorials

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Validator Handbook

This section is dedicated to validators who want to validate on Aura Network.

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Exchange Integration

This section is dedicated to exchanges (CEX and DEX) to integrate with Aura Network.

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Explore Aura-built products

Here are some of the products built by the Aura Network core team.


Beautiful, blazing-fast blockchain explorer for the Cosmos ecosystem offering features from both Mintscan and Etherscan, and also a touch of customization.


A multi-signature tool that is compatible with all Cosmos-based chains. Inspired by the famous Gnosis Safe, but much safer.