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Securing your validator


The setup isn't yet ready for product use


In order to secure validator on AWS, we leverage AWS Nitro Enclaves to execute Tendermint KMS.


  • Virtualized Nitro-based instances with at least four vCPUs

Setup AWS KMS and Nitro Enclavesโ€‹

Fllow this guide to setup necessary components

Setup tmkms-nitro-enclave and tmkms-nitro-helperโ€‹

Clone the source

$ git clone
$ cd tmkms-light

Build tmkms docker imageโ€‹

docker build -t aws-ne-build \
--build-arg USER=$(whoami) \
--build-arg USER_ID=$(id -u) \
--build-arg GROUP_ID=$(id -g) \
--build-arg RUST_TOOLCHAIN="1.56.1" \
--build-arg CTR_HOME="$CTR_HOME" \
-f Dockerfile.nitro .

Install tmkms-nitro-helperโ€‹

$ sudo yum install -y openssl-devel
$ cargo build --release -p tmkms-nitro-helper
$ cp ./target/release/tmkms-nitro-helper /usr/local/bin/

Generate a new encrypted validator signing keyโ€‹

$ tmkms-nitro-helper enclave run --cpu-count <nums-of-cpu-for-enclave> \
--eif-path <tmkms-eif-path> &
$ vsock-proxy 8000 kms.<region> 443 --config <vsock-proxy.yaml-path> &
$ tmkms-nitro-helper init -a <region> -k <KMS-Arn> -p json --cid $(nitro-cli describe-enclaves | jq -r .[0].EnclaveCID)

It shoud generate a Cosmos protobuf public key to stdout and an encrypted private key in relative path secrets/secret.key

Configure tmkms.toml and start tmkms helperโ€‹

Example tmkms.toml

address = 'unix:///home/ec2-user/sockets/validator.socket'
chain_id = 'aura-testnet'
sealed_consensus_key_path = '/home/ec2-user/.tmkms/secrets/secret.key'
state_file_path = '/home/ec2-user/.tmkms/state/priv_validator_state.json'
enclave_config_cid = 15 #overridden by flag
enclave_config_port = 5050
enclave_state_port = 5555
enclave_tendermint_conn = 5000
aws_region = 'ap-southeast-1'

Start tmkms helper

$ tmkms-nitro-helper start -c /home/ec2-user/.tmkms/tmkms.toml --cid $(nitro-cli describe-enclaves | jq -r .[0].EnclaveCID)

Runing validator nodeโ€‹

In ~/.aurad/config/config.toml, priv_validator_key_file and priv_validator_state_file should be commented and uncomment priv_validator_laddr to value unix://... which match the address in tmkms.toml. e.g. unix:///home/ec2-user/sockets/validator.socket