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Troubleshooting common problems.

If you are experiencing problems in connecting to Aura Testnet. There are several ways you can help us to report the error so we can help you in resolving it.

1. Screen recordingโ€‹

Screen recording and upload video to cloud is the most effective way of telling us what problem you are facing. You can use whatever tool you like then upload the recorded video to a cloud service and share us the link.

  • If you use a Mac, screen recording is supported out of the box. Just follow the tutorial here:
  • We perfer to use a Chrome extension: Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder. This one can help you capture very small size but good quality and automatically save to cloud to share around. All the tutorial videos in this doc is recorded with this extension.

2. Checking developer consoleโ€‹

If you want to see a bit of the client log of applications on Aura Network, just turn on the Developer Tool of the browser you are using and check the Console section. If there is any error display, capture it and send to us.

3. Checking extension error logโ€‹

If there is problem with Coin98 Wallet extension or Keplr, on Chrome you can visit this link to find information about it: chrome://extensions/

Any error raised by the extension will appear in the Error tab.

4. Bug reportโ€‹

At the moment, you can send screen record and any relevant information you can find on the bug and post on our Discord.