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📰 About Aura Network

Aura Network is an ecosystem built to accelerate global NFTs adoption for mainstream users. Our vision is to create a one-stop destination for building NFT projects that has real utility and gradually help transforming existing web2 businesses to web3.

  • Aura Network Foundation works directly with brands & IP owners to bring their web2 portfolios to web3.
  • Focus on better user experience
  • Pushing forward NFT adoption on real life use cases.
  • Providing web3 developers open-source, scalable tools to accelerate software development.
  • Aura Network is built using Cosmos SDK, the world's most used framework for building blockchains.

To learn more about the vision and growth strategy of Aura Network, please take a look at our Whitepaper

Aura Ecosystem

The Aura ecosystem can be divided into 4 layers

  • 🖥 Infrastructure: contains all resources relating to the underlying blockchain platform. This includes the node client Aurad and all resources such as genesis block, configuration files and deployed services serving the Aura Network blockchain.

  • 💰 Currency: There are 2 native currencies of the Aura ecosystem: Aura Coin and Aura Token on BNB Smart Chain. Aura also supports creating CW20 tokens, similar to other blockchains that use CosmWasm module.

  • 🅰 Applications: applications that offer rich user experience in working with DeFi and NFT. The list is continuously growing, but we have several things in development at the moment (The highlighted ones are what we are working on, gray ones are reserved for future development/collaboration):

    • Aurascan: The blockchain explorer with extra features for governing, staking, NFT, notifications, etc. that are tailored towards Aura holders.
    • Pyxis Safe: Gnosis-safe inspired multi-signature wallet.
    • Wallet: Aura official wallet is Coin98 Wallet. Other Cosmos supported wallet such as Keplr, Cosmostation are also supported.
    • Twilight Hub: one-stop destination for Aura community to interact with NFT and metaverse.
    • Aura DEX: decentralized exchange for CW-20 tokens building on Aura.
    • Bridge: aura bridge for swapping assets between EVM-based blockchain and Aurachain.
    • Launchpad: Aura provides intensive supports both in terms of technology and funding, business promotion to NFT projects building on Aura chain.
  • 📑 API: applications building on Aura are required to provide standard open APIs for public serve.


A list of all Aura Network resources is at: