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๐ŸŒŸ Exchange Integration

This section is dedicated for exchanges (CEX and DEX) to integrate with Aura Network.

Native $AURA currencyโ€‹

Aura mainnet is developed using Cosmos SDK. So if you have listed popular coins like ATOM, the process is very similar.

  • Aura Network runs on Tendermint consensus, the block is finalized instantly.
  • Currently, the expected block time is around 5 - 6 seconds.

There are currently 4 ways to integrate with Aura Network:

  1. Use Aura Daemon command-line interface (aurad CLI)
  2. Directly invoke an Aura Node client endpoints using HTTP requests
  3. Use Javascript library cosmosjs
  4. Use the centralized Horoscope Indexer API


There are several denomination widely used in Aura Network.

  • AURA or aura : indicates the AURA native currency on mainnet.
  • uAURA or uaura : indicates the smallest unit of native currency on mainnet. 1 aura = 10^6 uaura

To avoid confusion with testnet currency, we have different denoms for tokens on testnet

  • EAURA or eaura : indicates the AURA native currency on Euphoria testnet.
  • uEAURA or ueaura : indicates the smallest unit of native currency on Euphoria testnet. 1 eaura = 10^6 ueaura

Node Referenceโ€‹

You can either run your own full node following the guide here: Running a full node.

Or directly query public API endpoints here.

If you only need to interact with the aurad CLI, just compile it from source is enough.

Integration Referenceโ€‹

Staking and Delegationโ€‹

BEP-20 Token (deprecate after October 1st 2022)โ€‹

AURA is currently being published as BEP-20 tokens on BNB Smart Chain.

Offcial Contract Address is at: 0x23c5D1164662758b3799103Effe19cC064d897D6

Tracking at:


The BEP-20 tokens will be eventually deprecated after October 1st 2022 when Aura Network mainnet is online. Exchanges that have listed this token should work with Aura Network team to migrate listed tokens into native $AURA on mainnet.