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Strategic partners with Ahamove

· 2 min read

Strategic partnership with ahamove

Last week we have an official MoU signing ceremony with a strategic partner AhaMove. AhaMove is one of the leading companies in Vietnam in logistics. They provide Uber-like service for goods delivery with a network of 100K shippers and 300K merchants in 10 major cities in Vietnam.

While being a delivery service company, AhaMove consists a team full of technical-savies. Ngon Pham, AhaMove CEO, is a software engineer veteran. He used to work for Google and a bunch of other tech startups before becoming CEO of AhaMove. Some members of both teams have long-time friendship in the tech community in Vietnam. It's so exciting that we finally become business partners and have the chance to build something together.

What in it for a company like AhaMove to work with Aura Network ? They actually are exploring use cases for the Metaverse:

With the network of 100K drivers and 300K merchants in Vietnam, AhaMove is transitioning to become a "Metaverse Enabler". AhaMove can help Metaverse companies to connect to the offline merchant network as well as find more earning opportunities for drivers, freelancers in the metaverse world -- Ngon said

For more information about this collaboration, please follow our Linkedin