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Guide to Testnet Faucets

2. Staging Testnet: Euphoriaโ€‹

Target users: Validator, App Developer, First-Timer and the majority of Aura users.

Euphoria: Similar to the staging environment concept in traditional software development, Euphoria is the near exact replica of Aura Mainnet. This means we will try our best to bootstrap external validators, set up vesting, voting and operate the Euphoria bootstrap community as closely as we will do on Aura Mainnet in the future.

Add Euphoria C98

3. Stable Testnet: Serenityโ€‹

Target users: App Developer.

Serenity testnet is determined to be fairly stable with a minimum validator set. Users who want to get the first hand experience in Aura should try with this network. Serenity is publicly open to DAPP builders through public RPC endpoints. However, it is not open for external validators.

Add Serenity C98

1. Join Aura Discord channel at Discord - Aura Networkโ€‹

2. Pick the role: ๐Ÿงช Testnet Contributorโ€‹

3. Follow the guide pinned in the channel #FAUCETโ€‹

Euphoria faucet