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Welcome to CosmWasm Smart Contract guide, from Aura Network.

CosmWasm is a smart contracting platform built for the Cosmos ecosystem. CosmWasm is written as a module that can plug into the Cosmos SDK. It runs the Web Assembly (or Wasm) virtual machine, allowing developers to create smart contracts in various languages. Currently, it supports smart contracts written in Rust.

In this series, you will explore CosmWasm from familiar usecases of smart contracts - fungible token (FT) and non-fungible token (NFT). We'll start by looking at the code of cw20 and cw721 NFT standard contracts from CosmWasm Plus. Then, we'll launch our two contract on Aura testnet, the first one is used to create your first CW20 token, and the second one is our main contract (it will be explained step by step) will be used to create, send and buy some NFTs.

Now let's begin!