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Get latest transactionโ€‹

Get latest transaction

Query Parameters
  • chainid string required

    Possible values: [aura-testnet, serenity-testnet-001, halo-testnet-001, theta-testnet-001, osmo-test-4, evmos_9000-4, euphoria-1, cosmoshub-4]

    Chain Id of network need to query

  • blockHeight string required

    Block height of transaction

  • txHash string required

    Transaction hash

  • address string required

    Address in transaction

  • searchType string required

    Possible values: [transfer, proposal_deposit, proposal_vote, delegate, redelegate, instantiate, execute, wasm]

    Search type event

  • searchKey string required

    Possible values: [sender, recipient, proposal_id, validator, destination_validator, _contract_address, token_id]

    Search key event

  • searchValue string required

    Search value event

  • query string required

    Search query with format A.B=C,D.E=F

  • pageOffset number required

    Page number, start at 0

  • pageLimit number required

    Default value: 10

    number record return in a page

  • countTotal boolean required

    Default value: false

    count total record

  • nextKey string required

    key for next page

  • reverse string required

    Possible values: [true, false]

    Default value: false

    reverse is true if you want to get the oldest record first, default is false


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