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Create a transaction

This document describes how to generate an (unsigned) transaction, signing it (with one or multiple keys), and broadcasting it to the network.

1. Using the CLIโ€‹

For example, running the following command to send 1 eAura from A to B:

aurad tx bank send $A_ADDRESS $B_ADDRESS 1000000ueaura --chain-id euphoria-1 --keyring-backend os --node

It will run the following steps:

  • generate a transaction with one Msg (x/bank's MsgSend), and print the generated transaction to the console
  • ask A owner for confirmation to send transaction from the A account
  • fetch A information from the keyring OS
  • sign the generated transaction with the keyring's account
  • broadcast the signed transaction to the network (CLI connects to the public RPC endpoint)

It's possible to run the steps individually

1.1. Generating a transactionโ€‹

aurad tx bank send $A_ADDRESS $B_ADDRESS 1000000ueaura --chain-id euphoria-1 --keyring-backend os --generate-only > unsigned_tx.json  

1.2. Signing a transactionโ€‹

aurad tx sign unsigned_tx.json --chain-id euphoria-1 --keyring-backend os --from $A_ADDRESS --output-document signed_tx.json

1.3. Broadcasting a transactionโ€‹

aurad tx broadcast signed_tx.json --node

2. Using CosmJS (JavaScript & TypeScript)โ€‹

You can construct, sign and broadcast a transaction using CosmJS as follow

import { readFile } from "fs/promises"
import { DirectSecp256k1HdWallet, OfflineDirectSigner } from "@cosmjs/proto-signing"
import { SigningStargateClient, StargateClient } from "@cosmjs/stargate"

const rpc = ""
const sampleAccount = "aura1wgxdyjkul5hn0jx8y9rfpe8r4eyq5jkvsy0akl"

const getSampleSignerFromMnemonic = async (): Promise<OfflineDirectSigner> => {
return DirectSecp256k1HdWallet.fromMnemonic((await readFile("./sample.mnemonic.key")).toString(), {
prefix: "aura",

const runAll = async(): Promise<void> => {
// Construct a transaction
const sampleSigner: OfflineDirectSigner = await getSampleSignerFromMnemonic()
const eledra = (await sampleSigner.getAccounts())[0].address
console.log("sample's address from signer", eledra)
const signingClient = await SigningStargateClient.connectWithSigner(rpc, sampleSigner)

const result = await signingClient.sendTokens(eledra, sampleAccount, [{ denom: "ueaura", amount: "100000" }], {
amount: [{ denom: "ueaura", amount: "200" }],
gas: "200000",
console.log("Transfer result:", result)